Aadil Bedi
Aadil Bedi

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27 DECEMBER 2014

NAME: Aadil Bedi

Golf Handicap :04 (four) and USGA Handicap 0.3

Golf  Coach: Jesse Grewal, Director CGA Golf Academy, Chandigarh.

Psychological Coach: Gursimran Singh Sethi, working on Routine, course planning and Mental aspect of the game at Forest Hill Golf Resort

Fitness Coach: Sagar Diwan at CGA Golf  Range working on indoor fitness on core strength , flexibilities, strength endurance, explosive abilities and core strength.

Athletic Coach: Former Director Sports Dr. Gurmeet Singh Punjab University Chandigarh working on Athletics, Kinaesthetic senses, motor qualities and speed training.


BRIEF RECAP: Aadil Bedi, a frontrunning golfer from  Chandigarh, has been following  steady upwards trajectory.  8000 hours of practice, 200  matches across the globe and 125  wins at the podium later, he recently joined the  four member Indian  Squad (age 13-15 years)  which will play Avian Masters in Paris in September 2015. He also tested the Amateur circuit last month at Indian Amateur open.

How did you start golf?

I think I was destined to become a golfer. Things started falling into place with my parents’ posting in   Chandigarh. An added advantage was my father’s avid interest in Golf and slowly and steadily,  I fell in love with this game. Watch video Day and Night News:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZSEvEXFpdA

How do you started competing in IGU circuit and feel as a successful Junior Golfer?

My father is competitive by nature, so he included competitive golfing in my practice.   When I was small,  a par  meant  one bottle of coke. 2 putts on the green meant my  stats were good and 3 putts meant my putting needed some  improvement.  I still remember my first tournament I participated in. It was a three day match in the hot and clammy month of July, 2007. I finished last and that was the only time I was at the bottom of the merit list.  After a lot of patience, practice and perseverance , the number 1 rank in Indian golf circuit in D category came my way. I finished all India number one twice at age of 10 and 12. This year I finished 4th in national circuit.

What are the plans for year 2015?

At present after All India finals I have opted for active rest for a 6 weeks. This year I won a couple of matches but next year, I am looking at a grueling schedule. I made my debut in amateur Championship of India final at KGA Bangalore too and  will continue to play partial amateur circuit next year as well. I will have to take my fitness to the next level to play well in these matches.

 How you strike balance between your study and golf?

It is generally said that you should have a plan B in life. I do not really agree. I want to give golf my best shot. One cannot be good at everything. Naturally one can excel in one field only specially when that field requires cutting edge faculties. I cannot devote much time to academics because of my playing routine but try to make up as best as I can. My school teachers and management is very supportive to give me off days for tournaments. I may not remember which battle was fought between what kings and when as I am busy fighting my own battles. Golf course teaches me a lot, so does travelling. I get up at four in the morning on tournament days. I have never been once late for my tee off. It is a complete world out there in the field of sports where you have to make your mark and carve a niche for yourself.  Everybody out there has come to win. One has to grapple with hard realities everyday. You play well but another player plays better and you are off the podium. One wrong shot and you are out of the contest. It is easier said than done to do  fitness when your body is aching. It is not easy to pay ten grands for the golf bag while travelling by air while your own ticket costs 8000 bucks. It is not fun to eat lousy food when nothing else is available. I am learning to live with all this.

What are the main golf tournaments you are going to play in 2015?

Apart from national circuit, I am going to participate in World Junior Masters in July 2015 at Las Vegas USA, IMG Callaway World cup at San Diego California and Teen World Cup Championship at Pinehurst  USA in July 2015. I might also  represent India at Avian Masters in Paris.


Do you play other game /sports too?

I am an active member of my school soccer team and love watching it as well. I swim and play badminton and  chess. But  my first love is  golf .

Does any Brand  Support  you?

Mizuno International  has decided to support me for my equipment and apparel at discounted rates. Talks are going on with other/ foundations for providing me support for my traveling expenses. As a junior golfer, I cannot get sponsorships.

Which equipment you use ?

I was using assorted clubs and balls so far but now I will be switching to Mizuno clubs MP-15 Irons and 850 JPX Driver and woods. Read more on Equipment guide for junior Players:


Do you feel that golf is growing game  in India?

Indian Golf Union is putting lot of effort to streamline golf at junior level. Corporate companies also extending their help to sponsor juniors. Chandigarh golf Association headed by Mr. CSR Reddy is extending great support to us. I think golf will be next big thing after cricket  in India. Things have just begun. It is a good time for golf globally and specially in India, the level is notching up with each passing day. I really have to work very hard to compete at highest level. 

What are your life time goal set for yourself?

During visit   to my uncle  Mr Chamkaur Singh in Atlanta, USA., he took me to show Augusta National Golf club. This club hosts US Masters every year. God willing, one day I will not only play US Masters but will win it.


Aadil Bedi
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