Aadil Bedi
Aadil Bedi

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26 December 2014

Q: Why 2014 was exiting for you? What do you think about performance in year 2014?


I entered the summer season with less expectation but high confidence as I was number one in the country in year 2013 in C category. I knew I was entering a different phase of my golfing. Apart from tougher competition. The rules of the game changed dramatically as one has to carry one’s own bag and read the greens as no caddy is allowed in this category. You feel lonely and afraid there. But one has to overcome this fear.

Taking cues from my on course coach Simran Sethi and Swing coach Jesse Grewal, I was determined to do well, and went back to business in winter session with improved ability of taking my decisions myself. During this year, I entered my teens, gained 6 feet height, dropped voice and became mentally stronger. My most emphatic win was at the Western India at BPGC Mumbai with score of 69, 73,72 and 73. I finished 1st runner up at Chandigarh, and West Bengal Championship Kolkata scoring 74,75,76 &71 and some strong top 5 finishes at other tournaments particularly at RCGC Kolkatta 4th finish scoring 75,76,76,75. With 280 points out of best 7 matches in my kitty, I landed in IGU top 4 members India squad (B category).

Best part of year 2014 was my debut as an Amateur in Amateur Championship of India at KGA Bangalore Watch video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0jot7BOjz4 . . It was an eye opener for me. All those senior players were much more composed and calm on the golf course. Their shot selections were much wiser. I also participated one PGTI event at Mohali for learning . ::: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-4PX5kZ4Ck

The coming year 2015 will be full of action as I am going to participate in World Junior Masters at Las Vegas USA, IMG Callaway World cup at San Diego California and Teen World Cup Championship at Pinehurst USA in July 2015. I will also represent India at Avian Masters in Paris in September 2015. Now I am working with Fitness Coach Mr Sagar Diwan at CGA Golf Range for indoor fitness on core strength , flexibilities, strength endurance, explosive abilities and core strength and doing Athletic training with Former Director Sports, Punjab University Chandigarh Dr. Gurmeet Singh for Athletics, Kinaesthetic senses, motor qualities and speed training. . video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnTbPFXqol8.

Interaction with Japanese Icon Brand "MIZUNO" was the highlight of the year 2014. They decided to support my equipment and allied golf course accessories with discounted rates. I was custom fitted for my new MP-15 irons and JPX-850 Driver and woods which I will use in year 2015 in my national and International matches.

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Aadil Bedi
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